I want, I need

A Himalayan salt lamp. I like the lava like glow and apparently its great for your air quality.

The air we breathe in is composed of positive charge molecules and negative charge molecules known as positive ions and negative ions respectively. Ironically the environment we live has positive ions in plenty and this makes it more polluted, the positive ions are emitted by television transmitters and sets, computers and cigarettes making the environment miasmic to live in. to have a balance of ions in the environment all that we need is to have negative ions in an equal proportion. Rock salt crystal is the most efficient and ideal negative ions emitter source that helps to improve the air quality by reducing the smog in the air. Negative ions tend to clear out the air from contaminates like dust, pollen, odor, animal dander, in addition negative ions source can relieve the symptoms like depression, seasonal effective disorder, asthma and chronic fatigue. Negative ions are highest in proportion near the moving water, perhaps therefore at beach and near the waterfall we feel exuberant and pleased."

They're pretty cheap too, only about $30 bucks.

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