Mary Land

So I just got back from a little road trip with my friend Rachelle and we had so much fun driving down in the car, antiquing, and picking through the Good Will piece by piece. I will post the pictures in a few hours. I acquired quite a few odds and ends. From some sort of dead furry rodent that is my new pet (I think she might scare people on the subway) to an amazing old candelabra that was only $2. Neither of us are the best drivers but we managed not to crash our white Ford Taurus rental. I also ate a ton of crab legs, and got a lighter that is a crab claw. It is the shit! Really- it is so cool, the best souvenir ever. Besides maybe my pheasant glasses, quartz necklace, rose mirror, and the one million other knick knacks I couldn't afford. Photos of the road to follow!

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